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Imagine for a moment what it would be like for you to finally see, and HEAR, the real Elvis, as he was, behind closed doors. 

Do you think it's possible he acted differently when he was in his own little world and surrounded by those he knew and trusted?

As an Elvis fan and collector myself for over 30 years I've scoured the country, and internet, and uncovered the rare hidden recordings, and videos, of the greatest entertainer the world has ever known.

Finally you can stop wondering what Elvis was really like behind closed doors and hear what he was like as if you were right there. 

You may not have ever known this but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of studio recordings, video outtakes, live concerts both in audio and video, that exist of Elvis Presley. 

Most of the so called rare recordings and outtakes that you've heard have been edited and altered leaving the real private Elvis still unknown to most fans.

Fortunately for you that is all about to change IF you want to know the truth and IF you want to hear the private side of Elvis. This is the side of the man that's been kept under lock and key, in the studio vaults, for nearly 30 years.

I'll pull back the curtain reveal everything to you, including never before released underground audio recordings and videos in my "Elvis Bloopers Revealed" report.

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Your e-mails are excellent. What an idea!

They allow Elvis fans to hear and learn things they've never heard or never knew. I look forward to coming home from work just to see what's next. THANKS!

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This report and newsletter is jam packed with information about these rare Elvis bloopers, outtakes and recordings. You'll be amazed with everything your about to hear such as…



  • Do you really think Elvis had a perfect voice? You'll hear his very contagious laughter after hearing many false starts and singing wrong notes!
  • What did Elvis really talk about when the tape wasn't  rolling? - Actually THE TAPE WAS ROLLING AS YOU'LL SOON HEAR!
  • The Suspicious Minds struggle. Discover what made this song difficult for the King during the first three takes recorded in Memphis in 1969.
  • Listen to Elvis recite strange poems about his PRIVATE part and cutting loose with friends in home recordings. Sorry adults only please. You must be at least 18 to subscribe to this newsletter! 
  • What food was Elvis eating that caused him to do over 24 takes of "Can't Help Falling In Love?" Hear the recordings left on the cutting room floor! 
  • Why did Elvis curse at security during a live concert performance before singing "Mystery Train/Tigger Man?" It wasn't pleasant but it was captured on audio and revealed in this newsletter.

And so much more...


You'll have access to all the rare Elvis outtakes mentioned above, and more, for just $37, NO make that $0.00! 

You won't pay one penny although we could easily charge $37 or more because it cost me thousands of dollars, and many hours, to find most of these recordings.

It's possible you could locate some of these resources and recordings online if you've got hours to scour ever nook and cranny of the internet. Everything's revealed in our report and newsletter. We've done all the hard work for you.


Very funny! 

"The underground Elvis recordings are very funny. They show a more human or realistic side of Elvis that was unknown and hidden from the public."

Joyce Johnson - Las Vegas, NV


"Elvis Bloopers Revealed" Report & Newsletter is a revealing 6 part series you can read and listen to online at any computer. You'll also get FREE notices and updates whenever new rare Elvis recordings and resources are found.

WARNING: We don't recommend listening at work. Some content contains strong language. We are not joking or being dramatic for the sake of fun so please use caution.

Grab the "Elvis Bloopers Revealed" Reports & Newsletter today for just $37.00 $0.00 - FREE!


  YES, Jim! Please subscribe me to your FREE Elvis Bloopers Revealed Report/ Newsletter. Let me in on the never before released bloopers and outtakes of Elvis  in the studio and live in concert. I understand I can opt out at anytime. 

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